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At Hygienic Innovations, it is our interest and passion to provide customers with cleantech solutions. We have developed a patented piece of equipment called the PUCMug – Portable Ultrasonic Cleaning Mug - that uses ultrasonic technology to to revolutionise the way in which we clean certain things. It can be used on an array of items in a vast number of industries and in the home. The PUCMug works by placing the item requiring cleaning inside the device which is filled with water. The PUCMug is then activated and the item is subjected to a rapid and complete removal of contaminants while immersed in the PUCMug. High frequency sound waves from an ultrasonic generator in the base of the PUCMug cause the removal. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing brush action within the water that allow the PUCMug to clean the whole surface area of the item, and inside if applicable.

The PUCMug was initially developed as a way of cleaning steam wands on coffee machines, challenging the current method of using a cloth, which is usually unsanitised. This cloth, when used, becomes soaked with old milk and coffee residue which then harbours harmful disease causing bacteria such as Acinetobacter, Coprococcus, Paenibacillus and Agrobacterium. These bacteria are transferred to the steam wand during every wipe, the steam wand is then placed into a coffee, transferring the bacteria into the drink. PucMug also removes the need for close skin contact with a very hot piece of equipment.

After carrying out a number of tests, Hygienic innovations realised the potential of also using it in the catering industry, domestically on a number of items around the home and commercially for cleaning equipment, tools and accessories. The instrument is safe to operate at cafes, shops, offices, homes and restaurants with minimal training. 

PUCMUG Features

  • Maintains cleanliness

  • Reduces/removes bacteria build up

  • Reduces risk/insurance

  • Portable & quick

  • Safe, efficient & eco friendly 

  • Potential marketing revenue

  • Limitless applications

  • World class credible team