A Genius Invention: PucMug

Hygienic Innovations won the Merseyside Innovation Award in Liverpool in January 2017.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What prompted you to develop the PUCMUG?

The unhygienic current solution of a dishcloth and the health and safety near misses around handling hot equipment. We thought this situation is mostly overlooked by us in the daily rush. But, imagine the transfer of germs and breeding of contaminants? Go for PUCMUG.

Is it in production or use?

The first batch of PUCMUG Primo are ready to be available in the market by September 2017. For sales and enquiries for distribution, email – info@hygienicinnovations.com

Who inspires you?

Mr. John Quinn, who is a co-inventor and lead engineer in our start-up team. Famous innovators such as Elon Musk and James Dyson tell us – we must make our dreams a reality.

What do you hope to achieve in developing this innovation?

Global brand and product to replace every cloth with our device and to give businesses genuine cleantech solutions.