Bacteria Testing

Hygienic Innovations have collected samples of used clothes from various coffee retailers. Samples were taken from the cloths to see if bacteria was present. The cloths used for sampling were –

  • A new unused cloth

  • A cloth used in the PUCMug for a full days worth of cleaning

  • A high street coffee shop

  • An independent coffee shop

  • A local cafe

Testing Result

Following the shocking results of growth from the agar plate tests, Hygienic Innovations decided to get some further bacterial independent tests done. The five cloth samples were sent to an independent company who come back with the following results -

The new unused cloth was found to be the cleanest, with very low amounts of bacteria found on the cloth. The cloth used alongside the PucMug was the second cleanest, with only a very small increase in the amount of bacteria found and no potentially harmful bacteria.

The cloths acquired from coffee vendors show high density bacterial growth. The most bacterial growth was found on the ‘Café’ cloth, followed by the ‘High Street Chain’, followed by the ‘independent coffee shop’. All three of these cloths were found to have a very high density growth in Coliforms, which are faecal bacteria and can cause ill effect to the consumer. Types of coliforms include E-coli. Typical symptoms of the ingestion of coliforms include: gastric infections, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, and stomach cramps.

The Café cloth was also found to have a high density of Streptococcus faecalis which can cause urinary tract infections and can cause wound and soft tissue infections. Both of these bacteria can cause the consumer to be taken ill, especially elderly people or those on medication that can weaken the gastric lining.